ISO 90001: Quality Management System Certification

The Quality Management System standard is an international certification that, in addition to transposing the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements, defines the minimum requirements that an organisation must meet on an ongoing basis to guarantee the declared level of product and service quality.

Today, ISO 9001 certification is an indispensable quality standard for offering products and services in any sector and meeting customer needs and expectations.

Breda Tecnologie Commerciali has certified its compliance with these requirements, guaranteeing a high standard of quality management.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System Certification.

The ISO 14001 standard involves companies that want to proactively manage their environmental impact. Breda Tecnologie Commerciali has chosen to make a commitment to pollution prevention/reduction, legal compliance and constant and continuous improvement in order to improve its environmental performance.

Breda T.C.’s improved environmental performance has enabled it to obtain accredited certification, confirming its choice to guarantee environmental management systems within its production processes.

ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

The ISO 45001 standard aims to certify occupational health and safety management systems.

It defines a system to improve safety, reduce occupational risks, and improve the well-being and health of workers through their participation and involvement.

To obtain ISO 45001 certification Breda T. C. undertook a thorough and accurate update of the risk assessment of the processes within the organisation.

With ISO 45001, in fact, Breda T.C. not only applied an internationally recognised standard, but also addressed the correct process to formalise and structure risk management, the management of legislative compliance, the dissemination of safer working practices and the assessment of workers’ health and safety performance.

FSC: Environmental Impact Management Certification

The FSC certification is an international, independent, third-party certification specifically for the forestry sector and products – woody and non-woody – derived from forests. It certifies the origin, production and environmental impact of an organisation’s products. There are two types of FSC certification: Forest Stewardship certification and Chain-of-Custody certification.

Breda Tecnologie Commerciali has obtained Chain-of-Custody FSC certification, which guarantees the traceability of materials from FSC-certified forests along each stage of: sourcing, processing, trading and distribution in the supply chain.