Corporate Social Responsibility

Discover the values that characterise the Company’s activities and by which its employees, collaborators and partners are constantly inspired.


Breda has been the tailor-made product choice and technical consultancy for those who have been designing and building in the Friuli region for over 50 years.

The solidity of the company’s structure today allows it to continue a constant evolution, innovation and attention to environmental and social sustainability.

Today Breda exists to create value in the territory in which it operates. It continues to innovate and improve its processes, starting from the choice of eco-sustainable solutions to the realisation of projects and the manufacture of products.

The company’s growth path has increasingly involved issues related to the sharing of values and relationships within and outside the organisation. Today, Breda has drawn up an important Code of Ethics, characterised by the fundamental values acquired over time:

  • Social and ethical responsibility;
  • Product and process innovation;
  • Human resources and relations;
  • The environmental management system;
  • The quality of production and product processes;
  • The brand and the link with the local area;
  • The technical consultancy and customised design;
  • The industrial construction strategy;

Investments in production processes

At Breda T.C., absolute importance is placed on investments in production processes.

The strategic industrial choice has involved vertical integration, updating work methodology and improving production flows by adopting lean processes.

The manufacturing orientation and the flexible and customised response to market needs have led the company to create specific technical solutions.

The core values presented in the company’s Code of Ethics have been integrated into the industrial strategy. The ethical implications within the strategic business vision are a manifestation of the company’s willingness to effectively manage social and ethical impact issues internally and in its areas of activity.

Code of Ethics and Organisation Model

Breda Tecnologie Commerciali has decided to adopt and disseminate the Company’s Code of Ethics and has approved the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

The Code of Ethics, through its constituent elements, principles and standards, provides the parameters for the correct exercise of delegated powers and control of the organisation. It represents the set of rights, duties and responsibilities towards any of the Company’s interlocutors.

The Code is the document with which Breda T.C. intends to disseminate the values that distinguish the Company’s activities and by which its employees, collaborators and partners are constantly inspired.

The Organisational, Management and Control Model, on the other hand, has the purpose of preventing the commission of the offences envisaged by Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 and of raising the awareness of all those who, for various reasons, collaborate with the Company.