Spatial Sustainability Projects

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency project, which started with the first photovoltaic system built in 2009, has now reached an installed power of 860 KW with an estimated production of 1,000. 000 Kwh capable of guaranteeing Breda’s energy self-sufficiency.

In the new production plant, internal heating has been realised with an underfloor system powered by heat pumps, and no use of fossil fuels has been planned. Everything will be powered by the electricity that photovoltaic systems are able to produce.

Reduction of water wastage

The use of water resources in production processes has always been one of the most difficult issues for manufacturing companies to deal with.

Breda wanted to devote special attention to reducing water consumption in its production plant, and nowadays all installations are designed to reduce the consumption of this precious resource as much as possible.

In the new plant, it was also decided to recover rainwater to be used for irrigating the surrounding green areas.

Circular Economy and Separate Waste Collection

Material waste from production processes is externally recycled. The implementation of a circular economy system for materials, allows the collection and transformation of powders into compounds for the production of new panels.

The separate waste collection system active in all Breda’s facilities, collects waste on a daily basis to be sent to the appropriate collection sites.