Our history

If you look at our past, you will have no doubt about our future. We started our journey in Italy, looking towards tomorrow.


From idea to enterprise

Breda was founded in 1963 as a sole proprietorship as a collection and trading centre for ferrous materials. Subsequently, following an agreement with an innovative local manufacturer (initially Monopanel and then Metecno Industrie), it integrated a collaboration for the trade of industrial sandwich panels in Italy and abroad into its business model, an activity that is the company’s cornerstone to this day.


The first evolutionary steps

The first evolutionary step was taken when, with the arrival on the market of panels for sectional overhead doors, Breda started the first production of its own brand of such products. This was followed by constant growth and the establishment of a second company to create an industrial system that extended its production from sectional overhead doors to other types of technical closures.


Corporate evolution

Strong industrial development led Breda Tecnologie Commerciali snc to become a Limited Liability Company in the early 2000s.

This was because the old company form was no longer adequate to support our steady growth, which found greater capacity for action in the new type of set-up.


The birth of Breda Tecnologie

The second significant developmental step came when starting from its own manufacture of composite panels initially intended for construction and later for fitting out industrial vehicles, Breda engineered an innovative line of all-metal counters.

The new product range immediately met with the approval of the most popular Italian furniture brands as innovation and design found the perfect match for a market where nothing similar had ever been presented before.


The Adria PLM plant

2010 saw another important step in growth: in conjunction with a partner from Lombardy, Breda inaugurated the first industrial plant in FVG (Adria PLM) for the production of sandwich panels. A large catalogue of products was therefore available, increasing the company’s core business and allowing Breda to further specialise in technical and service areas, which would lead to the construction of important works such as the new Udinese football stadium (Stadio Friuli).


The new finishes from Breda Tecnologie

Leading the way in in-house development and research, Breda Tecnologie offers the new decorative finishes for composite panels B.Metal and B.Stucco.

The idea of introducing new finishes for marketed panels greatly increased the company’s visibility within the furniture sector.


The introduction of bathroom furnishings

The Breda Tecnologie division introduces new panel finishes for the bathroom furniture sector.

The B.Plus and B.Onda products receive immediate feedback from manufacturers of shower tops and bathroom wall panels.


B.Stucco and innovation in the construction industry

In 2023, Breda TC will officially present the B.Stucco project in the construction sector.

The construction of a new industrial plant for the application of B.Stucco finish to sandwich panels becomes the new operational focus for the Technology Division. The new department will be unified with the composite panel production unit within the division’s new plant.


The EU 2030 Agenda

Over the last few years, Breda has embarked on a path of investment geared towards achieving the goals highlighted by the European 2030 agenda in terms of environmental and social sustainability. It has begun a new evolution towards the ambitious goal of becoming a new paradigm of a sustainable company and, above all, one that is solid, innovative and ever attentive to the changes that these new global dynamics will require in the future.