Breda Tecnologie Commerciali is a historic company in the Friuli region operating in the Industrial and Residential Construction sector.

Within Breda T.C., absolute importance is placed on investment in production processes

The strategic industrial choice involved a vertical integration of processes, updating work methodology and improving production flows with the adoption of lean processes.

The manufacturing orientation and the flexible and customised response to market needs led the company to create specific technical solutions.

The industrial innovation model

The innovation model followed by Breda has been constant and continuous over time. The combination of different materials and technical know-how on their use and application has led the company to distinguish itself on the national and international scene for the quality of its products and the professionalism of its technical assistance.

Beginning with the production of the first industrial panels, the company approached new markets by introducing the production of composite panels and the engineering of a new and innovative line of metal tables that immediately met with the approval of the most popular brands in the Italian furnishing sector as, innovation and design, they found the perfect combination for a market where nothing similar had been seen.


Today Breda continues to innovate, starting from the design of its products and arriving at their production through innovative manufacturing processes.

In recent years, Breda has introduced a new line of finishes for its panels, among which the new B.Stucco project stands out. Made of special resin, this new finish for decorative panels immediately attracted the attention of the reference market.

The project, executed in collaboration with Pontarolo Engineering spa and entitled “From cradle to cradle in the strategic production chain of the house”, introduced elements of research and development in the supply chain thanks to the introduction of new construction technology solutions based on the Circular Economy concept.

In this economic vision, materials are designed to circulate within the production flow with minimal loss of quality, minimising waste and waste production. The paradigm therefore becomes design – produce – distribute – consume – dispose – recycle.

The main objective of the joint project was, therefore, the study of highly innovative construction elements and methods that utilise the waste materials of current production processes.