Local area
Local Sustainability Projects

Local Welfare

The aim of the local welfare project is to provide local industries with the possibility of providing their employees with credits to be spent at local merchants, to purchase goods or services, in a simple, smart and convenient way.

The project also aims to strengthen the network between the area’s businesses and industrial realities, transforming corporate welfare, which is often compulsory in the national collective labour agreement, into a shared value and a resource for the area. An intrinsic aim of the activity is to increase the local workforce, attracting new individuals and new families, thus repopulating the Friulian Valleys and Dolomites in contrast with the demographic index.

All this is in line with the values pursued by Breda and its commitment to promoting the local area through the implementation of concrete synergies that produce benefits and support for people.

In this project Breda goes beyond the simple adoption of corporate welfare. It binds itself to a more extensive initiative as it is aware of the importance of its commitment as a benchmark company in the area for a general cultural change that is necessary and can no longer be postponed.

School-work alternation

In compliance with Breda’s values on commitment to the development and support of the local area, the company has for several years been committed to and adheres to the national school-work alternation project, reserved for students in 2nd grade high schools as one of the most significant innovations of Law 107/2015 (the good school) in line with the principle of open schooling.

The students who chose Breda as their company for this educational pathway were able to consolidate the knowledge they had acquired at school and test their personal aptitudes in the field, enrich their education and become more aware of their future direction in their studies and work.

Breda has also gained from these experiences new perspectives on the expectations and skills of its students by adopting an organisational and management model in its structure that is ready to welcome the new generations.

Suppliers from the local area

Short supply chains and economies of scale, but above all people, relations that translate into constructive dialogues and comparisons oriented towards the construction of an extended virtuous system in the organisation and management of companies, in respect of expectations and agreements in trade exchanges and everything that is part of company relations.

This is Breda’s objective: to favour local suppliers, but also to be the benchmark company that, by example and through the application of virtuous and transparent processes, calls for the application of the same methods to its suppliers in order to be able to count on companies that can guarantee high levels of quality, fairness and seriousness, all of which can be transformed into a global growth of the supply chain.

Breda is particularly attentive to these dynamics because, as a solid company with a registered and certifiable reputation in all business declinations, they are now optimal characteristics for selection and business collaboration with large national industrial groups, as well as access to bank credits and financing.