Innovation in production processes
The importance of investments in production processes

Adria PLM

In the early 2000s, in partnership with a partner from Lombardy, Breda inaugurated the first industrial plant in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Adria PLM, for the production of sandwich panels.

From the outset, the plant’s activities have included the production of metal and non-metal, insulating and insulated panels. The marketing of the same is still managed by the Breda Pannelli division, which caters to designers, builders and applicators of industrial and residential construction.

The new production plant has enabled the company to produce a wide product catalogue, boasting competitive production times, while maintaining constant production efficiency even in times of crisis. Adria’s efficient production processes and production quality are still the backbone and pride of the Breda Pannelli division.

Breda Tecnologie’s new production plant

In 2021, Breda took part in a call for tenders promoted by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, for the construction of a new production plant in Spilimbergo with optimised energy consumption.

The call for tenders was in fact set up to promote the establishment of new industrial agglomerations within the competence of consortia or falling within the areas of industrial districts, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with new production facilities.

Breda chose to participate in the call and set up the new production site for the Breda Tecnologie division. This will provide 4,000 square metres for production and 360 square metres dedicated to office use.

The investment also includes the introduction of 4.0 equipment that will allow the division to continue its industrial research and product development process.

Industrial Research and Experimental Development

By decree no. 5148 GRFVG of the Director of the Department of Industry and Crafts, the scrolling of applications relating to the call DGR 2026/2021 “Incentives to companies for collaborative industrial research and experimental development activities call 2022” has been approved.
The new call promoted by the FVG region provided incentives to companies for the study and development of an innovative technology for structural consolidation and energy efficiency of buildings.

Breda T.C. participated in the regional call through the presentation of an innovative project aimed at the structural consolidation of buildings. The name of the project was: “Warm sisma decor – Coat for seismic upgrading”.

The new technology covered by the project aims to create a structural reinforcement system that is easy to apply and can only be applied to the outside of the building without creating discomfort for those using the structure.

The system aims to create not only structural reinforcement, but also thermal insulation, the so-called ‘coat’, in a single step, guaranteeing that both objectives can be achieved with a single technology. The project is therefore perfectly in line with European targets for reducing energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions in the residential sector.