Product innovation
Breda is synonymous with research and innovation in materials, products and services.

Composite Panels

The company’s strategic decision that led to the creation of the three divisions played a decisive role in economic and demographic growth. The Breda Tecnologie division was created with the sole purpose of innovating and engineering new products.

The strategic choice landed in the development of composite panels. A new market and a new product range led the company to increasingly diversify its structure.
The division specialised in the design and engineering of decorative panels for the furniture industry and interior design elements, according to the principle of “studying form without ever losing sight of function”.

B. Stucco, a synonym for material beauty and performance.

The distinguishing feature of the eco-friendly decorative panels in the B.Stucco line is the finish based on the latest generation of special resins, additives and quartziferous aggregates, whose original material effect is combined with the ability to adhere perfectly to the MDF, HPL, PVC and chipboard support.

The manual application of the same gives the surfaces an unprecedented appearance: the beauty of natural materials is enhanced in all its nuances.

The B.Stucco panels, which combine style and performance, are used in the production of furniture and furnishing accessories, decorative wall solutions and kitchen worktops. They are certified scratch- and stain-resistant to classA.