Breda T.C. has chosen to join and actively participate in the Agenda 2030 sustainability project.

The corporate sustainability project

Breda narrates its commitment to industrial production through its respect for the environment, the local area and people. Sustainable choices are rooted in the roots of the Friuli region, in the company’s values and in the relationships of our collaborators and interlocutors in the supply chain.

The company’s commitment guarantees a point of balance between environmental and territorial protection, the origin of raw materials, the efficiency of production processes and product quality.

Agenda 2030: Sustainable Development Goals

The ethics of an organisation have become as important as its products and services.

Corporate integrity is defined beyond ethical and social issues if it also demonstrates sensitivity to the concepts of security and environment.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a programme of action for people, planet and prosperity. Endorsed in 2015 by the member states of the United Nations, it consists of 17 goals for Sustainable Development. The goals set for this growth have global validity and involve in a balanced manner the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

Breda T.C. has chosen to adhere to and actively participate in this change, introducing solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of production processes in terms of energy management, water management, waste production management, land valorisation and personal growth and training of the organisational model.

Applications and certifications

Constant and continuous growth, local identity and the opening of opportunities for new generations, have led Breda to adopt certified standards to achieve its goals.

The FSC certification attests to the provenance, production and environmental impact of the company’s products. Certification to ISO 9001:2015 ensures quality and efficiency of internal processes and ISO 14001:2015 guarantees the quality of environmental management systems.

Putting its solutions into practice through the dissemination and application of specific protocols, the adoption of tangible procedures and conscious daily practices has led the company to consolidate its structure and integrity.